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Maximizer Series Rubber Tracks for Mini-Excavators


various patterns according to the application

from 180 to 450 mm wide tracks

Maximizer Series Rubber Tracks for Mini-Excavators

Maximizer™ Series of replacement rubber tracks solves the price vs. quality dilemma. It offers reliable quality at the lowest possible price! McLaren's Maximizer rubber tracks are built with a cost effective, yet very capable rubber compound that we have developed after years of extensive testing. The Maximizer links are made of the same forged S45C (JIS G4051) heat-treated carbon steel that we use on our premium tracks, however, they are designed to save weight without compromising the strength on any of the critical stress points. For the ultimate track integrity, Maximizer rubber tracks are built using McLaren's proprietary SpoolRite™ belting technology.

Maximizer replacement rubber tracks are manufactured under our strict ISO 9001:2008 certified process guidelines and quality control procedures. With McLaren on your side, you can feel confident in your rubber track investment, and the knowledge that McLaren's Customer Service is always available to provide you excellent support.

  • The best of both worlds - reliable quality at the lowest possible prices
  • US Patented Technology
  • McLaren proprietary SpoolRite™ belting technology provides the industry's strongest track structure
  • Advanced rubber compounding helps ensure proper rubber bonding with the links to prevent link ejection
  • Lighter forged S45C (JIS G4051) heat-treated carbon steel links without compromising the strength of critical stress points
  • Large variety of innovative lug patterns for minimum vibration and increased traction
  • Use of short-pitch technology to double sprocket life and reduce vibration
  • Manufactured under strict quality ISO 9001:2008 guidelines certified by SGS SA, Switzerland
Track Width (mm)Pitch (mm)Lug PatternMax Machine Weight (kg)Primary Application
180 60 SB2 500 Excavator
180 72 K4 1200 Excavator
230 48 T 2300 Excavator
230 72 A 2300 Excavator
300 55.5YM BB1 3500 Excavator
300 52.5N T 3500 Excavator
300 52.5W T 3500 Excavator
300 52.5K T 3500 Excavator
320 55 T7 4000 Excavator
320 55 T7 4000 Excavator
320 100 CB 3500 Excavator
350 54.5 T6 5000 Excavator
380 84 K3 8000 Excavator
400 75.5 BB1 4200 Excavator
400 90 Y6 4200 Excavator
400 142 VB5 5000 Excavator
400 72.5N T 5000 Excavator
400 72.5W T 5000 Excavator
450 71 T 9000 Excavator
450 76 DB1 6000 Excavator
450 83.5 TB1 5000 Excavator
450 81N TB1 6500 Excavator
450 81W DB 6500 Excavator

Click to view tread patterns reference sheet (PDF, 2.30 MB)

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