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NextGen TDF™ Series Track Loader Rubber Tracks

compact track loaders

various patterns available according to the application

from 320 to 450 mm wide tracks

NextGen TDF™ Series Track Loader Rubber Tracks

NextGen TDF™ rubber tracks are developed specifically for track loaders. Unlike excavator style tracks that are resized to fit track loaders, NextGen TDF track loader tracks are designed to handle the work-load and abuse of the most powerful track loaders. McLaren's rubber compound formula extends track service lifespan by as much as 50%. McLaren's proprietary SpoolRite Belting™ continuous (jointless) belt system radically increases the tensile strength of NextGen TDF's internal structure and makes it far more superior than the ordinary jointless cable tracks offered by other track manufacturers.

Unlike traditional tread patterns, NextGen TDF has multiple lugs per pitch, thus delivering a smoother, softer ride. The double offset tread pattern minimizes vibration and reduces significantly undercarriage wear. NextGen TDF's multiple lug profile and unique tread pattern protects the track body and effectively contains the growth of cuts and cracks.

  • US Patented Technology
  • Specifically developed for track loaders, McLaren's SpoolRite™ belting technology provides the industry's strongest track structure
  • TDF High Modulus Compound™ designed to carry the full load of the machine at maximum engine capacity
  • S45C (JIS G4051) heat-treated carbon forged steel used for making the links prevents breaking or cracking under heavy impact loads
  • TDF Multi-Lug™ design protects the track body and quarantines cuts and cracks
  • TDF's unique tread pattern provides significantly improved flexibility, traction, and smoother ride
  • NextGen TDF series tracks are also available in our new Orange non-marking rubber compound
Track Width (mm)Pitch (mm)Lug PatternMax Machine Weight (kg)Primary Application
320 84 A 5000 Trackloader
320 86 A 5000 Trackloader
450 84 A 8500 Trackloader
450 100 A 8000 Trackloader

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