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Set of 2 Hybrid steel tracks (350 mm wide) Maximize

Set of 2 Hybrid steel tracks (350 mm wide)

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Steel Tracks with Bolt-On Rubber Pads for Mini Excavators


from 300 to 450 mm wide tracks

McLaren HYBRID™ Series Steel Tracks with Bolt-On Rubber Pads combine the strength of steel with the advantages of rubber. Designed to handle the most extreme ground conditions, they are virtually unbreakable and last twice as long as regular rubber tracks. The replaceable rubber shoes ensure excellent ground protection. HYBRID mini-excavator steel tracks are easy to install on any rubber track machine without changing any undercarriage parts


McLaren HYBRID tracks can be used as a direct replacement of the existing rubber tracks for all mini excavators using interchangeable carriage system. They are designed for mini excavators operating on both harsh terrain and on delicate areas. The HYBRID tracks have proved to be the most cost effective solution for contractors working in urban areas where sensitive pavement, asphalt and concrete areas need to be protected. The extremely wear resistant rubber pads ensure reliable traction in deep mud and soft soil. The rubber pads can be easily removed on the spot to create an all-steel track that resists harsh conditions, such as demolition, rocky soil, gravel, stone and other challenging environment. Steel tracks are the right choice of equipment users who have to cope with severe ground and weather conditions where rubber tracks are not appropriate: mining, demolition and heavy construction sites in urban areas.

Materials and Technologies UsedMaterials and Technologies Used:

Steel is the best insurance for track longevity. Moreover, the 40Cr track link material used makes McLaren Hybrids the strongest tracks on the market. The tracks link body is manufactured to a hardness of HRC 32~35 and the top surface of track links is manufactured to a hardness of HRC50~55 using the most precise manufacturing techniques. Since our rubber pads don’t need to flex around the sprocket and the idler, we have built them out of the toughest rubber compounds. Our pads use McLaren’s proprietary rubber compound formula making them stronger and more durable than rubber tracks. This ensures not only optimal resistance to sharp objects but also slow wear out and maximum reliability even in the harshest environmental conditions. All this allows the Hybrids to withstand the heaviest compact equipment loaded at its maximum capacity while offering flawless performance on any terrain.

Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance:

As an OEM manufacturer McLaren has performed the harshest tests to ensure that its products answer the highest safety, quality and performance standards required by the industry leaders. Just like the rest of McLaren products the HYBRID tracks are ISO certified and provide flawless performance.

Your BenefitsYour Benefits:

Real money saver that maximizes your machine. Saving from rubber track replacement every year is not the only cost benefit of the Hybrids. Lower maintenance costs due to rubber pad replacements – single pads replacements only when necessary and only for a fraction of the cost of rubber tracks. In addition, contractors finally have the opportunity to economize from transporting machines to the work field as McLaren’s HYBRID offers equipment operators equally reliable performance both on and off-road. The specifically designed rubber pads offer excellent traction on any terrain enabling a single machine to do the entire job alone. In addition, the pads are removable and replaceable which significantly minimizes maintenance costs and extends the work life of the tracks. Unlike rubber tracks the external edge of the HYBRID tracks is not flexible so that it doesn’t bend or loosen up when passing through obstacles. Undercarriage parts are protected from damage due to the steel chain ability to let dirt and debris out of the machine.

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Lasts twice as long as regular rubber tracks
  • Combines the strength of steel with the advantages of rubber
  • Easy to install on any rubber track machine without the need to change undercarriage parts
  • Superior ground protection for jobs where steel tracks are inadmissible - roads, sidewalks and turf
  • Replaceable rubber shoes
  • Improved shoe nut with poly lock
  • Designed to handle the most extreme ground conditions, where the regular rubber tracks fail

Width (mm) 300 300 300 300 350 350 400 400 450 450
Pitch (mm) 101.6A 101.6F 101.6C 101.6D 101.6C 101.6D 135B 135C 135C 154